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A distinguished handle that shows beautiful form as well as comfortable and reliable function.

We show the development from a crafted wood former, to the first series in organic cast aluminium and then its successor,  an engineered version for ease of production.

The spear handle is part of the McCarron and Co collection and is available in a choice of metals from Stephen Neall Interiors.


Not by chance, but by design – collectable pieces of the cutlery designed for the Willow tea rooms are showcased on our Modena kitchen display.

This showcase is in recognition of the Mackintosh movement and illustrates a creative design process by Stephen Neall Interiors.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the recipient of a travelling scholarship in the 1890’s, his sketch book from that time contains architectural studies from major cities of Northern Italy.

In the early 1900’s Margaret Mackintosh designed a beautiful collection of cutlery for the Willow tea rooms in Glasgow.


Modena furniture designed by Stephen Neall Interiors and made by McCarron and Co, features a distinctive angled framework, a detail modelled on the portico gables found on the famous  basilica’s of Modena in Northern Italy.

 It seemed fitting that this remarkable historic link between Mackintosh and Modena should be used to embellish our furniture design.