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 Established in 1960, Pratic stands as a pioneer among Italian companies, specialising in the innovative design and manufacturing of sun awnings, pergolas, and outdoor structures. With decades of expertise, they continue to lead the way, crafting premium solutions to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Trust in Pratic’s legacy of excellence to elevate your home’s ambiance and comfort with their exceptional range of products.

During more than half a century of history, Pratic has always been the protagonist of an evolved connection with the outdoor environment. This has allowed them to create innovative solutions such as pergolas and awnings – structures that have totally revolutionized the way of experiencing outdoor living spaces.

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Pratic Pergolas and Awnings
Pratic Pergolas and Awnings
Pratic Pergolas and Awnings
Pratic Pergolas and Awnings


No more boundaries between inside and outside, but rather an uninterrupted connection that links two worlds to live freely in private housing and contract spaces. The genesis of Pratic pergolas stems from this assumption and continues with an unmistakable design, completed by the ability to create a simple Made in Italy product.


Pratic’s versatile aluminum structures are engineered to complement and elevate any architectural environment seamlessly. Designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, our installations can be placed effortlessly in various settings. Whether you seek a self-supporting design or a wall-mounted option, our pergolas adapt effortlessly, gracing your space with harmonious inclinations or precise alignment with the horizon.

Embrace the great outdoors with Pratic garden pergolas, providing ample shade for expansive green spaces. These pergolas stand on their own or seamlessly combine with other modules, creating a sheltered oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. Transforming terraces into vibrant living areas, our pergolas breathe new life into outdoor patios and city rooftops, enabling year-round use for unforgettable moments in the open air. Discover the boundless possibilities of Pratic, accentuating every space with elegance and functionality.


At Pratic, every awning is a unique and tailor-made masterpiece, skillfully blending functionality, comfort, and exquisite aesthetics. Embracing the art of extensive customization, we proudly present our latest innovation – a captivating color range meticulously curated to adorn the aluminum boxes, boasting thirty warm hues that radiate enduring brilliance.

Furthermore, our Fabrics Collection complements this ingenuity with a rich and diverse array of top-tier materials. From high-performance acrylic fabrics to polyester lines and waterproof selections, each fabric reflects our unwavering commitment to quality, style, and the unmistakable charm of authentic Italian craftsmanship. Discover the essence of Pratic’s excellence in every detail, elevating your outdoor space with sophistication and grace.

Pratic Pergolas and Awnings
Pratic Pergolas and Awnings
Modern Pergolas and Awnings
Outdoor Pergolas and Awnings


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